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Systemic – Benas
Systemic – Acqua & Sole
Systemic – AmPower
Systemic – D4.12 Final project document defining a roadmap on systemic innovation at EU level, based on the conclusions from all work packages and discussions at workshops and meetings
Systemic – D4.11 Policy Brief: Boosting mineral recovery in the EU and transition into a circular economy
Systemic – Report on the outcomes of workshop 2
Systemic – D3.7 Report on application of the Business Development Package to ten outreach locations
Systemic – D3.6 Business Development package including manual and guiding materials
Systemic – D3.4 Market Research in Europe
Systemic – D3.2 Report with scenario’s and schemes of proven NRR techniques
Systemic – Report with scenario’s and schemes of proven NRR techniques: first version
Systemic – D.2.7 Report on Business Model Development and Application to Five Demonstration Plants