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Assessment of a quality and safety of water reuse for industrial and agricultural application
Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘December 2022’
Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘November 2022’
Halfway through OLEAF4VALUE: from the valorisation of olive leaves to the exploitation of high value-added biobased products
AgriWasteValue: [Case study] How to create a local hub for transforming pruning residues into energy and fertiliser
AgriWasteValue: [Case study] Valorisation of residues from the agroforestry sector for chemical application
AgriWasteValue: [Case study] Phlorizin application potential in the nutraceutical sector
AgriWasteValue: [Case study] Application of arbutin in the cosmetic sector
Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘October 2022’
Hydrolysis and thermochemical technologies for the recovery of bio-based fertiliser from fishery waste
BIONANOPOLYS Open Innovation Test-Bed News (OITB news)
New-C-Land – Life for marginal lands (NL version)