Our members and structure

Over 27 countries, more than 30 project members, more than 750 experts and more than 250 organizations are involved in the network of the Biorefine Cluster.

The Biorefine Cluster network consists of:

  • Central Secretariat, dealing with the daily management of the Cluster;
  • International Steering Group (ISG), all project coordinators of running (or recently finished) projects make up the ISG which meets once a year to discuss content collaboration, potential synergies with other projects and joint undertaking initiatives;
  • Ring of Communication Managers. Communication managers build their own community groups to discuss collaboration with other projects. The Ring is coordinated by the Communication and Community Manager of the BCE;
  • BCE community groups of experts, where members can share information on the six topics related to bio-based resources and circular economy, set and achieve common objectives and give scientific support for policy recommandations on circular economy.