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New-C-Land – Life for marginal lands (NL version)
New-C-Land – Life for marginal lands (FR version)
Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘September 2022’
Ultrasound and Microwave‑assisted Extraction of Proteins from Coffee Green Beans: Effects of Process Variables on the Protein Integrity
Safeguarding food security and reinforcing the resilience of food systems
Halving nitrogen waste in the European Union food systems requires both dietary shifts and farm level actions
LEX4BIO D8.5: Policy Roadmap
LEX4BIO D6.1: Review and assessment of published Life Cycle Assessment studies on bio-based fertilisers
BioBIGG Deliverable 6.2 Regulatory frameworks and changes to support transition to a cross-border sustainable bioeconomy Recommendations and proposals on establishing an enabling framework to facilitate bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR)
BioBIGG Deliverable D6.1 Report on the Scanbalt Bioeconomy Working Group Kick-off Conference
BioBIGG Deliverable D6.1 Establishment and promotion of the South Baltic Network (SBBN)
BioBIGG Deliverable D.5.3 Implementation models for bio-based value chains in the South Baltic Region