Our activities

The Biorefine Cluster covers different ambitions and activities to the benefit of all projects: the stimulation of inter-project exchange, outreach and dissemination efficiency and network building.



We stimulate inter-project exchange by:

  • Centralizing outputs and data on our joint website (in the e-library and on the different project pages);
  • Interlinking webcontent dealing with the same topics;
  • Sharing knowledge in community groups;
  • Organizing joint events and meetings.

We optimise outreach and dissemination efficiency by:

  • Synchronizing communication strategies and events between the different projects;
  • Producing complementary communication tools to avoid double work;
  • Cross-promoting activities;
  • Co-organizing powerful stakeholder events, meetings, workshops, …
  • Communicating project results through the Biorefine Cluster channels (website, social media, news Bulletin, events, publications, …)