How can you join the Biorefine Cluster Europe

Biorefinery projects

The Biorefine Cluster Europe interconnects biorefinery projects. If your project belongs to one of the categories below, than your project is welcome to join:

  • Biobased (waste)streams as input for the circular economy
  • Bioprocesses
  • Sustainable bio-energy production in its various shapes and forms
  • Resource Recovery: extracting minerals, chemicals, water and materials from biomass

Joining is free, but commitment based

Being part of the Biorefine Cluster Europe means that your consortium agrees to actively contribute to our objectives and activities.

The needs and mutual support can vary greatly between projects, but in general range from exchange of information, transfer of knowledge by organizing joint project meetings, facilitating organization of workshops / international events as well as attracting more audience to these events by twinning, adding exposure to project outputs by highlighting these in the BioRefine Bulletin (joint newsletter) as well as on the Biorefine Cluster Europe portal site.

In the future more community actions (e.g. PhD Training networks, COST actions) and use of social community media is foreseen to further develop the Biorefine Cluster community and the participating projects.

International Steering Group

When a new project joins the Biorefine Cluster Europe, the Lead Partner is taken up into the “International Steering Group” (see ‘structure of the Biorefine Cluster Europe’)  and a bilateral interaction between the project communication manager and the Biorefine Cluster communication manager is organized, in order to maximally synchronize activities and outputs between the new project and the other projects already in the cluster.