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    A regulatory review on the use of digestate to cultivate algal biomass for animal feed

    The NNFCC in the scope of ALG-AD project produced a first report exploring EU legislation…

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    Biorefinery Glas – A Farmer-centric Bioeconomy Approach

    Over the last 12 months, Biorefinery Glas, one of Europe’s first small-scale biorefinery…

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    Gramitherm - Insulation panels made out of grass!

    Gramitherm is currently the only company - worldwide - to manufacture thermal…

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    Verge managing experiments in the UK

    Currently in the UK, road verges are cut and the grass is left on the verge, in contrast to many…

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    Investment site 3 : General introduction and operation during COVID-19 crisis

    The Investment site 3 of Interreg NWE ALG-AD project is located within the premises of Innolab…

  • ALG-AD activities for a long-term impact

    The ALG-AD project team has been continuously active during the lockdown period.  The…

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    ALG-AD in the time of coronavirus

    The ALG-AD project, like most across Europe, has been forced to shut down the majority of our…

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    Bulk biogas production from grass

    Biogas production from grass is possible, but it suffers from several technical hurdles like…

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    Open day and workshop for partners

    Colleagues from Belgium and France travelled to South Wales at the start of the New Year for an…