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    Grass2Algae – progress from the first half of the project!

    Grass2Algae is an Operational Group funded by the Flemish Department of Agricultural and…

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    NUTRIMAN final conference

    The NUTRIMAN project is coming to its end and it is ready to present its interesting results!…

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    ReNu2Farm at Les Culturales

    On June 15, 16 and 17, the Culturales® were held in Betheny, France.

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    Webinar: The NUTRIMAN project & use of biofertilizers - Projekt NUTRIMAN i wykorzystanie bionawozów

    The project partner IUNG, is organising a webinar for Polish farmers to explain the NUTRIMAN…

  • Workshop “Decentralised treatment for resource recovery from domestic wastewater”

    At the 5th International Conference on Ecotechnologies for Wastewater Treatment (EcoSTP 2021,…

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    NUTRIMAN Booklet: 25 matured N & P recovery technologies and products

    The NUTRIMAN operational field is covering successfully completed high research maturity…

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    ECOFUNCO first workshop on bio-based materials research

    ECOFUNCO organised its first workshop on bio-based materials research.

  • Advances in bioelectrochemical systems for ammonium recovery

    Further developments of the Run4Life project include the new publication of Diana Losantos of…

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    Outcomes of the Grassification webinar on novel end products from grass fibres

    The Grassification project is aimed at valorizing roadside grass clippings as renewable…