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BioBIGG Deliverable D5.2 Pre-feasibility assessments for innovative bio-based value-chains in the South Baltic Region
BioBIGG Deliverable D5.2 Report on implementation of innovative value-chains in the participating region
BioBIGG Deliverable D5.1 Performance and functionality of biomassbased materials – A methodological approach to bioeconomy planning
BioBIGG Deliverable D4.3 Knowledge transfer, result dissemination and establishing cross-border thematic cluster
BioBIGG Deliverable D4.2 SMEs point-of-view on market, material, production opportunities and implementation
BioBIGG Deliverable D4.1 Report on mapped material flows of biological resources along agro-industrial value-chains
BioBIGG Deliverable D3.2 Development of a common framework for a sustainable bioeconomy and innovation implementation
BioBIGG Deliverable D3.1 Assessment of the state of play of bioeconomy in the SBA and the EU
REGATRACE D6.2 Guidebook on securing financing for biomethane investments
REGATRACE D6.1 Mapping the state of play of renewable gases in Europe
REGATRACE D5.3 Guidelines on renewable gas sustainability certification
REGATRACE D5.2 Identification of potentials and hot-spot regions