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Systemic – D 1.18 Update from demonstration plants (construction, monitoring, demonstration activities
Systemic – D 1.6 Updated factsheets of the demonstration plants with summary on the performance
Systemic – D.11 Technical scheme and specification of the demonstration installation
Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘December 2021’
Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘October/November 2021’
Grassification – D 1.4.1. Co-digestion of roadside grass with VeDoWS manure and pig slurry
ALG-AD Annual report 2018-2019
Biogas is ready, are you? Why biogas is essential for a low-carbon society
Systemic – Ammonium nitrate
Systemic – Mineral Concentrate
SYSTEMIC-AGROCYCLE policy research workshop: Fertilising products based on animal manure under the Nitrates Directive and Circular Economy