Renewable energy

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Renewable energy can help bringing to market affordable, cost-effective and resource-efficient technology solutions to decarbonise the energy system in a sustainable way, secure energy supply and complete the energy internal market. Wastes transformed into high value products, such as power, can help implement new production paths and help the transition to a bio-based economy.


Evaluation of NPK recovery potential from TORWASH®-treated paper sludge, waste olive pomace and fruit & vegetable waste
31 03 2023
The University of Hohenheim have submitted their report on the potential for the extraction of nitro...
Biogas Production Potential from the TORWASH® Filtrates
31 03 2023
The F-CUBED project´s pilot tests used three different feedstocks of paper sludge, olive pomace and...
Report on continuous operation of the TORWASH® pilot plant for the treatment of fruit & vegetable waste
31 03 2023
TNO have submitted their report on the installation and testing of the F-CUBED pilot plant at the De...


EFIB 2022 (26 October 2022)

On 26-27 October, EFIB2022, the leading annual conference on biotechn...

Circular Week 2022

Circular Week is an international campaign which consists series of events and i...

Low-TRL Renewable Energy Technologies 2nd Edition (08 September 2022)

The workshop is being held at the Sustainable Places 2022 Conference, a hybrid event hosted in Ni...


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