Renewable energy

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Renewable energy can help bringing to market affordable, cost-effective and resource-efficient technology solutions to decarbonise the energy system in a sustainable way, secure energy supply and complete the energy internal market. Wastes transformed into high value products, such as power, can help implement new production paths and help the transition to a bio-based economy.


GlasPortBio awarded the Low Carbon Prize
13 12 2021
Irish biotechnology company, and Biorefine Cluster member, GlasPort Bio (, has b...
Circular Economy: A multidimensional approach to valorise roadside grass clippings
30 11 2021
The Grassification close-out event was held on Thursday 21 October in an hybrid format, ensuring att...
Irish biotechnology company awarded the coveted Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) award for Excellence in Energy Research and Innovation
25 11 2021
Irish biotechnology company, and Biorefine Cluster member, GlasPort Bio (, have...


EUBCE 2022

EUBCE is the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world.

Biogas Lab Webinar Series: Performing biogas feedstocks in a climate-neutral economy

The EBA is delighted to invite you to the 4th session of the Biogas Lab online webinar serie...


Launch of ground-breaking project to shift European agriculture onto a more circular and sustainable path
D 3.5 Digestate processing cascades for SYSTEMIC project Nutrient Recovery and Reuse (NRR) tool (2020) -draft waiting for EC approval
D 3.4 Market research in Europe (update 2021) – draft waiting for EC approval

Relevant projects

ULTIMATE: indUstry water-utiLiTy symbIosis for a sMarter wATer society

ULTIMATE is a Horizon2020 funded project that supports the transition from a linear to a Circular...

GasAbate N+: Additive Technology to Prevent Greenhouse Gas Emissions and to Enhance the Fertiliser and Bioeconomy Feedstock Value of Animal Manures and Slurries

GlasPort Bio has developed GasAbate N+, which acts on the microorganisms that cause methane and o...

PIGergy: A novel means of unleashing the energy potential of pig waste

The PIGergy project aspires to close-the-loop in the swine industry, recycling bio-waste through...