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ReNu2Farm D2.1 Implementing Nutrient Recovery from Biomass Gasification Facility
ReNu2Farm D4.2 Desired Properties of Recycling-Derived Fertilisers from an End-User Perspective
ReNu2Farm – D3.3 Report on active/viable biological actors
ReNu2Farm D3.2 Report on soil carbon and nitrogen behaviour
Systemic – Solid fraction of separated digestate as soil improver: implications for soil fertility and carbon sequestration
Systemic – Speciation of P in Solid Organic Fertilisers from Digestate and Biowaste
Systemic – Environmental Performance in the Production and Use of Recovered Fertilizers from Organic Wastes Treated by Anaerobic Digestion vs Synthetic Mineral Fertilizers
Systemic – Techno-economic assessment at full scale of a biogas refinery plant receiving nitrogen rich feedstock and producing renewable energy and biobased fertilisers.
Systemic – . Production and performance of bio-based mineral fertilizers from agricultural waste using ammonia (stripping-) scrubbing technology
Systemic – Greenhouse Gas Emissions from a Sandy Loam Soil Amended with Digestate-Derived Nitrogen Fertilisers – a Microcosm Study
Systemic – Waterleau
Systemic – Groot Zevert Vergisting