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Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘October/November 2021’
D3.1 Renu2Farm_ Report on Mineral Nutrient Composition of Analysed Recycling-Derived Fertilisers
Biorefine Cluster News Bulletin ‘July 2021’
Life Cycle Assessment of roadside grass verges in Flanders
Grassification D3.1.2-3.1.4 and D3.2.4 Techno-Economic Assessment of Agricultural digester
RENU2FARM_WPT1_Activity 2_Deliverable 2.2_Implementing Nutrient Recovery From Manure/Digestate
RENU2FARM_WPT1_Activity 2_Deliverable 2.5_BOOK OF SUCCESS STORIES of companies actively adopting recovery technologies
D 1.4.1. Co-digestion of roadside grass with VeDoWS manure and pig slurry
New Recycling Regulation in Flanders
Annex 8: Field evaluation of N losses associated with organic inputs
Annex 1: Nitrogen Mineralization Protocol
Annex 3: Pot-Trial Protocol to Evaluate Short-Term Effects of Recycling-derived Fertilisers on the Growth of Lactuca Sativa L.