ESNI Conference  2024

Growing the Future of Nutrient Recycling

Wednesday 18 and Thursday 19 September 2024 | Brussels

The European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative brings together leading experts in the field of nutrient cycling to foster collaboration among European entities engaged in nutrient recycling, facilitating the exchange of valuable experiences and identifying knowledge gaps to guide future research.

Location of the conference

Ateliers des Tanneurs
Huidevettersstraat 58-62 Rue des Tanneurs
1000 Brussels (Belgium)

Below you will find the programme (updated 22/07/2024)

Programme Day 1 | Wednesday 18 September

13.00h – 13.30h | Registration and welcome coffee

13.30h – 14.00h | Official opening of the 2024 ESNI Conference

13.40h – 14.10h | The history of ESNI, its Working Groups and plans for the future

14.10h – 14.35h | Plenary session 1: “What is the current status of the Fertiliser Product Regulation and what are expected next steps?” – Key note speaker: Theodora Nikolakopoulou, Policy Officer at DG GROW, European Commission.

14.35h – 15.00h | Plenary session 2: “Biogas as key technology in nutrient recuperation” – Key note speaker: Laure Baillargeon, Policy Officer at the European Commission.

15.00h – 15.15h | Poster pitches

15.15h – 15.30h | Introducing the three parallel sessions

15.30h – 16.00h | Coffee break and posters sessions

16:00h – 17:30h

Parallel session 1 – Technology

“Biogas beyond energy” – Official launch of the ‘Task Force 5.2 report: Concentrates on improving and enabling the valorisation of digestate’ by the Biomethane Industrial Partnership.

Parallel session 2 – Market

Hands-on nutrient management: barriers and opportunities in EU & regional legislation and economic strategies. Interactive session organised by the NENUPHAR project.

Parallel session 3 – Market

The legal status of algae fertilizers / biostimulants produced with recycled nutrients. Session co-organized by EU4Algae, Algae Sustainability Study and AlgaeProBanos.

Programme Day 2 | Thursday 19 September

09.00h – 09.15h | Welcome and opening

09.15h – 09.45h | Plenary session 3: “Environmental Footprint methods: overview, applications and outlook” – Key note speaker: Mauro Cordella, Policy officer at DG ENV, European Commission

09.45h – 10.15h | Plenary session 4: What does the fertilsers industry need from nutrient recycling? YARA International (to be confirmed)

10.15h – 10.30h | Introducing the three parallel sessions

10.30h – 11.00h | Coffee break and poster session

11:00 – 12:30

Parallel session 1 – Sustainability

Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) of alternative fertilising products: presentation of NOVAFERT‘s methodological proposal

Parallel session 2 – Agronomy

The NutriPlatform is bridging the gaps between science, policy and farmers for optimised nutrient management in the EU. Workshop organised by the NutriBudget project.

Parallel session 3 – Market

“Realising a Living Lab approach” – The ReNu2Cycle project will host a special information exchange session that addresses the practical challenges researchers encounter when implementing and integrating Living Labs across their projects.

12.30h – 13.45h | Lunch break and poster session

13.45h – 14.30h | The importance of networking (IMPACT) | Poster pitches: STRATUS – EU Farmbook – Ferti&Grow (to be confirmed)

14.30h – 14.45h | Introducing the three parallel sessions

14:55 – 15:55

Parallel session 4 – Market

Driving circular fertilisers adoption in Europe. The FER-PLAY project partners showcase their findings on policy barriers hindering the uptake of the circular fertilisers selected in the project.

Parallel session 5 – Technology

The Nutri-Know project partners will present their newly developed Results Amplification Methodology, with the aim to assess the clarity and effectiveness of the procedure and the engagement of the target groups.

Parallel session 6 – Technology

‘Turning Waste water into Resources: Cutting-Edge Technologies for Sustainable Nutrient Recovery’ – Session organised by the Walnut project.

15.55h – 16.45h | Closing of the 2024 ESNI Conference, including the poster award

16.45h – … | Network reception


Full entrance tickets (18-19 September 2024): 150€ (VAT excl.)

One day entrance (18 September 2024): 75€ (VAT excl.)

One day entrance (19 September 2024): 100€ (VAT excl.)

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Poster presentation: 25€ (VAT excl)

Deadline for poster presentation: 11 September 2024