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ReNu2Farm – Annex 8: Field evaluation of N losses associated with organic inputs
ReNu2Farm – Annex 1: Nitrogen Mineralization Protocol
ReNu2Farm – Annex 3: Pot-Trial Protocol to Evaluate Short-Term Effects of Recycling-derived Fertilisers on the Growth of Lactuca Sativa L.
ReNu2Farm – Annex 5a: Pot trial: evaluation of the short-term P effect of recycling-derived fertilisers (RDF) in laboratory
ReNu2Farm – Annex 6a: Field evaluation of the short-term P effect of recycling-derived fertilisers (RDF) on spring barley
ReNu2Farm – Annex 7: Carbon Mineralization Protocol
ReNu2Farm – Main report Deliverable 3.1: Protocols for the evaluation of the agronomic value of recycling-derived fertilisers
ReNu2Farm – Annex 2: Field evaluation of N mineralization kinetics of recycling-derived fertilisers (RDF) on bare ground
ReNu2Farm – Annex 4: Evaluation of the short term N-effect of a recycling-derived fertilizer (RDF) on crop and environment in field trials
ReNu2Farm – Annex 5b: Pot Trial Protocol To Evaluate Short-Term Effects Of Recycling-Derived Phosphorus Fertilizers On The Growth of Lolium Perenne and its Rhizosphere Microbiota
Renu2Farm – Annex 6b: Agronomic Trial Protocol to Assess Fertiliser Value of the Recycled Derived Fertilisers
ReNu2Farm – Inventory report for a professional user group on biomass processing