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ReNu2Farm CAP – D1.3 Inventory Report on Producer Demands to customize new Target Groups along the Supply Chain
ReNu2Farm CAP: Legislation on recycling-derived fertilising products: changes, chances and challenges
ReNu2Farm CAP – D1.5 Factsheets on new products categories
ReNu2Farm CAP: D.T4.1.2: Protocol on the practical RDF application for horticultural sector (greenhouse trials)
ReNu2Farm – Additional prerequisites for fertiliser management
ReNu2Farm – Legal framework for recycling-derived fertilising products in the EU
ReNu2Farm – Country specific requirements for transfrontier transport and use of recycling-derived fertilisers in NW Europe
ReNu2Farm – D2.1 Implementing Nutrient Recovery from Biomass Gasification Facility
ReNu2Farm – D4.2 Desired Properties of Recycling-Derived Fertilisers from an End-User Perspective
ReNu2Farm – D3.3 Report on active/viable biological actors
ReNu2Farm – D3.2 Report on soil carbon and nitrogen behaviour
ReNu2Farm – What are the desired properties of recycling-derived fertilisers from an end-user perspective?