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    RECOVER is a 4-year project started on 1st June 2020 that scales up an innovative biotech…

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    After months of research, ECOFUNCO is ready to share its Multi-stakeholders platform. The…

  • Water2REturn enters its last year!

    Water2REturn has entered its last year!

  • Phos4You: PULSE demonstrator running at wastewater treatment plant in Belgium

    Currently, an innovative P-recovery process is being demonstrated by the University of Liège at…

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    Renu2Farm has recently published two reports on the implementation of the RDFs …

  • RECOVER: The future of Agri-food Waste Plastics treatment

    RECOVER, funded by BBI-JU, is built upon the needs to solve the contamination of agro-fields…

  • Phos4You final conference. Registration now open

    The European project "Phos4You" has investigated different technologies and pathways to recover…

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    Pro-Enrich: Rapeseed side stream

    The Pro-Enrich project has developed a flexible biorefinery approach able to processing a range…

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    Pro-Enrich: Olive side stream

    Pro-Enrich is working in the biorefining process of olive side stream.