25 10 2023

Fer-Play: mapping and assessing alternative fertilisers made from secondary raw materials

FER-PLAY aims to raise awareness among fertiliser producers, end-users and local administrations, to overcome their concerns and foster the widespread uptake of alternative fertilisers. Thus far, the consortium has successfully identified the seven most promising value chains for circular fertiliser production, and established a database to make such information more accessible to a wider audience.

Engaging with diverse stakeholders is also a critical aspect to address mainstreaming alternative fertilisers, and the FER-PLAY consortium organized technical roundtables with experts to discuss several topics, including: current context, opportunities, and prospects for alternative fertilisers, learn about nutrient recovery from practical experiences in Castilla y Leon region (Spain), and hear from circular fertiliser producers. Additionally, to foster exchanges on best practices, challenges (technical, legislative, commercial), and other lessons linked to circular fertilisers, FER-PLAY engaged with sister projects to discuss ways forward to achieve the objective of bringing alternative fertilisers to the wider European context. We encourage all interested parties to subscribe to the project newsletter and share their views via FER-PLAY surveys for end-users or producers, which can be found at https://fer-play.eu/.