31 10 2023

Bionanopolys is looking for Advisory Board Members!

The H2020 Bionanopolys project (www.bionanopolys.eu) aims at building a reference ecosystem for the upscaling of safe nano-enabled bio-based materials and polymer bionanocomposites for multifunctional and new advanced applications such as textiles, cosmetics, 3D printing, rigid and flexible packaging, foams, cellulosic fibres.


The Bionanopolys Ecosystem is an integrated open innovation environment offering end-users technical, legal, regulatory, safety, environmental, economic and financial support. The Ecosystem will operate independently, offering a holistic solution, including infrastructure, capabilities and all associated services, easy to find, accessible, transparent and interoperable, through a unique access point.

As part of the management structure of the Ecosystem, an Advisory Board formed by up to 7 parties will be created to support its strategic mission and business growth.

Main purpose

  • to provide management advice about the direction the Bionanopolys Ecosystem should follow.
  • support on scaling the business, tackling business challenges, managing possible crisis, leading expansion into new markets and other strategic or technical advice.
  • To give the insight and experience for enhancing the reputation and credibility of the Bionanopolys Ecosystem in the marketplace and increasing the confidence of consumers and investors.

Your benefits

  • staying up to date with technology and technical developments in nano-enabled bio-based materials and bionanocomposites,
  • participating in new events,
  • having first access to the publishable results of the project,
  • advance knowledge on industry changes, trends and sector swings, as well as standards,
  • work closely with experts and connoisseurs, thus boosting your abilities and deploying new connections in your professional network.

Anticipated Commitment

  • Participation in meetings ( online, 3x per year, 2 hours each)
  • Confidentiality agreement

Are you interested in joining our team as an Advisory Board Member? Please send us an email to get in contact: opencall@bionanopolys.eu