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  • European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative - ESNI 2020

    The European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative - ESNI - will be back the next 23 April.


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    The FertiCycle Network announces 15 PhD student positions (ESR) on ‘New bio-based fertilisers from organic waste upcycling'

    Do you want to contribute to a more sustainable future and development of solutions for the…

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    Bulk biogas production from grass

    Biogas production from grass is possible, but it suffers from several technical hurdles like…

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    Open day and workshop for partners

    Colleagues from Belgium and France travelled to South Wales at the start of the New Year for an…

  • Bio-based products from fast pyrolysis oil

    Fast pyrolysis technology can convert a wide range of difficult-to-handle biomass into a clean…

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    Not only fuels, but also paints, cosmetics, and several active principals used in medicine are…

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    Nutrient recycling

    The focus of Nutrient recycling community lies on nutrient recovery from waste streams in the…

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    Biomaterials & Eco-design

    During the early discussion on the transition from fossil feedstock to more sustainable…

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    Fertimanure kicked off this month

    The kick-off meeting of the Fertimanure project was held on 9th and 10th of January in the…