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7 European Research Projects give joint feedback on the Nitrates Directive Evaluation
12 03 2024
The European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative (ESNI), part of the Biorefine Cluster Europe, acted as...
ESNI Community
ESNI 2024 Conference on 18 and 19 September
07 03 2024
Growing the future of nutrient recovery and nutrient recycling [...]


The 2023 ESNI conference calls for clear legislation to drive nutrient recycling forward and to realise more sustainable and resilient farming systems
31 10 2023
The 2023 ESNI conference calls for clear legislation to drive nutrient recycling forward and to real...
FOLOU Project is looking for experts to debate and discuss about key topics related to Food Loss
31 10 2023
Among others, one of the main contributions expected from the FOLOU project in the long term is that...
Bionanopolys is looking for Advisory Board Members!
31 10 2023
The H2020 Bionanopolys project ( aims at building a reference ecosystem for the...
Fer-Play: mapping and assessing alternative fertilisers made from secondary raw materials
25 10 2023
FER-PLAY aims to raise awareness among fertiliser producers, end-users and local administrations, to...
EU Soil Monitoring Law proposal and digestate
31 08 2023
Soils are the foundation of our agri-food systems, they regulate the nutrient, carbon and water cycl...
Call for biomass suppliers!
03 07 2023
Bionanopolys is a Horizon Europe project aiming at manufacturing innovative bionanocomposites from s...
Key Lex4Bio Outputs – e-booklet
31 05 2023
LEX4BIO project e-booklet features two scientific papers produced in result of soil scientists resea...
Circular Agronomics – Exploitation Brochure
31 03 2023
Based on the concept studies on commercial exploitation, KWB has developed and designed the final ex...
Evaluation of NPK recovery potential from TORWASH®-treated paper sludge, waste olive pomace and fruit & vegetable waste
31 03 2023
The University of Hohenheim have submitted their report on the potential for the extraction of nitro...
Biogas Production Potential from the TORWASH® Filtrates
31 03 2023
The F-CUBED project´s pilot tests used three different feedstocks of paper sludge, olive pomace and...