Nutrient recycling

Nutrient recycling (1)

The focus of Nutrient recycling community lies on nutrient recovery from waste streams in the agro-food value chain and its use as sustainable fertilizers. Closing the loop of the nutrient cycle is part of the concept of circular economy. At the moment, nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, essential to life, are lost along the entire food chain.

The transition to a more circular economy by means of resource recovery is high on the societal agenda. Society is looking towards science to provide the necessary solutions that can ensure this transition.Therefore, the introduction of nutrient recycling can change this and boost the bio-economy efforts in the EU.

The group is beginning to take shape and we would like to share with you the next steps we are planning to take to build this community.

We aim to:

  • Stress the importance of nutrient recovery in everyday life for the community and for the creation of social wealth.
  • Create a context through which researchers can collectively profit from the opportunities created by the network. For that, dedicated news and events such as summer schools and specific sessions at international conferences are organised
  • Strengthen the relationship with industry and help to provide solutions for everyday problems


The Run4Life project final events
15 12 2021
At the end of November, after 4.5 well-spent years, the Run4Life project came to an end. The 15 part...
FERTIMANURE is organizing brainstorm sessions with relevant stakeholders
15 12 2021
Since October 2021 FERTIMANURE project has been organizing brainstorm sessions involving different s...
The FERTIMANURE on-farm Tailor-Made fertilisers production is also on-going
15 12 2021
One of the nutrient management strategies of the FERTIMANURE project is to produce Tailor-Made Ferti...


EUBCE 2022

EUBCE is the largest biomass conference and exhibition in the world.

European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative – ESNI 2022

The third edition of the European Sustainable Nutrient Initiative will take place on 

Using agri-food liquid streams for algal cultivation – POSTPONED

AD plant managers/owners, potato processing industries, and other stakeholders working on the agr...


Launch of ground-breaking project to shift European agriculture onto a more circular and sustainable path
D 3.5 Digestate processing cascades for SYSTEMIC project Nutrient Recovery and Reuse (NRR) tool (2020) -draft waiting for EC approval
D 3.4 Market research in Europe (update 2021) – draft waiting for EC approval

Relevant projects

ULTIMATE: indUstry water-utiLiTy symbIosis for a sMarter wATer society

ULTIMATE is a Horizon2020 funded project that supports the transition from a linear to a Circular...

GasAbate N+: Additive Technology to Prevent Greenhouse Gas Emissions and to Enhance the Fertiliser and Bioeconomy Feedstock Value of Animal Manures and Slurries

GlasPort Bio has developed GasAbate N+, which acts on the microorganisms that cause methane and o...

PIGergy: A novel means of unleashing the energy potential of pig waste

The PIGergy project aspires to close-the-loop in the swine industry, recycling bio-waste through...

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