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Agricultural waste: a valuable resource
17 04 2019
The population increase in the last decades has influenced the demand for food products from vegetal...
Get the latest from Pilots4U
12 04 2019
Pilots4U project is creating a Europe-wide map of all pilot and demonstration infrastructures that...
Sharing know-how for nutrient recovery from manure, biowaste and sludge
01 03 2018
Delegates of fifteen biowaste treatment plants discuss together possibilities for nutrient recovery...
Using algae to promote agricultural sustainability and the circular economy 
14 02 2018
Algae are being used to develop new technology to clean up waste. Scientists at Swansea University a...
Biogas Action Webinar – Biomethane in the Transition to a Clean Transport
21 11 2017
Regional and Local authorities along with their implementing agencies have taken on the development...
ERGaR: European Renewable Gas Registry to facilitate the cross-border biomethane trade
23 10 2017
The BIOSURF (Biomethane as Sustainable and Renewable Fuel – project has thoroughly...