25 04 2019

Biowaste to bioenergy: a sustainable solution

The EU is now undergoing an energy transition to replace fossil fuels by renewable energy sources. This transition is aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as the dependence of EU countries on fossil fuels. Promoting the development of renewable energies brings also an opportunity for waste reduction, as biowaste can be converted into renewable energy.

A better alternative to other waste management solutions

The use of biowaste to bioenergy (BtB) technologies can provide solutions for one another. This option is a good alternative to other traditional techniques of waste management, such as landfilling and incineration, which release gases that may cause global warming.

Biogas production from biowaste

Biogas production is one of the most sustainable and consolidated alternatives of energy production from biowaste. This renewable energy can be obtained from different sources: waste produced by households, organic residues from food, beverage and feed production at industrial level, or different animal and vegetable by-products.

Biogas-E is the platform for anaerobic digestion in Flanders (Belgium) and they will be presenting their activities in our EU Green Week event on waste reduction. This organisation is focused on detecting bottlenecks hindering the implementation of anaerobic digestion, while at the same time following up on technological innovation in this sector through participation in various research projects. To know more about the production of biogas in that region and how this is contributing to biowaste reduction, join our EU Green Week side event!