A house made from roadside grass fibres, sustainable energy generated from roadside grass, more sustainable and cheaper roadside management. Science fiction or reality? Within the Interreg 2Seas GRASSIFICATION project, research institutes, land managers and industrial partners are examining the possibilities to create economically viable business cases for these and other applications starting from roadside clippings.

Over a period of 3 years, 13 partners from the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium will investigate potential value-chains (from roadside management to novel products) to maximally valorise novel end-products. This research will initiate a new bio-based circular economy, based upon roadside grass clippings.

​About the project  

The overall objective of the Grassification project is to apply a multi-dimensional approach to the valorisation of roadside grass clippings in order to optimize it into a viable value-chain for the biobased and circular economy. The project aims to optimize logistics and technical aspects of the grass clippings supply chain and processing, demonstrate its market potential as well as formulate policy and legal recommendations to create a more supportive framework for the recycling of this renewable resource.

These actions will increase the volume of usable material, lower costs, and generate a higher added-value for this so called ‘waste’ streams, which eventually will result in a higher market value of the industry. In this way, the use of roadside grass clippings as a renewable resource for the production of biobased products and hence the circular economy will become more attractive.  

Commercial outcomes

For achieving these goals, the Grassification project will have, as main outputs:

  • A novel mowing head aiming at improving the quality and reducing the sand content of the grass clippings
  • Technology tested for decentralized biogas production from the co-digestion of grass clippings with other feedstocks
  • Technology tested for bulk processing of grass into biogas
  • Products made out of grass fibers, such as a picnic set, stepping stones and insulation panels
  • Report on possible applications of the liquid fraction of grass
  • Model developed for joint procurement and performance contracting
  • Techno-economic assessment of the most promising value-chains
  • Supply chain optimization model
  • Policy roadmap

The stakeholders benefitting from these outputs are: road and land managers, SMEs and large entreprises, research institutes and centers, policy makers, and other stakeholders like e.g. the building sector for applications of bio-composite load bearing structures.


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Grassification is co-funded by the province of East Flanders and the province of West Flanders



Stakeholders’ corner

We are pleased to invite you to be part of the Grassification platform, which will function as a knowledge database for all Grassification stakeholders.

This platform will offer you the opportunity to get the first access to project’s deliverables and results as well as to receive first-hand invitations to our events.

Your participation is voluntary and free of charge. Your data will be treated according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation and for the project’s purposes only.



Dr. Erik Meers

Ghent University Laboratory of
Analytical Chemistry and Applied Ecochemistry

Ghent – Belgium

Phone: +32 9 264 93 96


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Grassification webinar: Assessing the Potential Use of the Liquid Fraction of Roadside Grass

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Grassification – Assessment Report of using the liquid fraction of grass as fertilizer
Grassification – Policy Landscape analysis for the valorization of roadside grass clippings
Grassification – Techno-economic assessment of value chains from roadside grass clippings
Grassification – Performance contracting for roadside maintenance
Grassification – Life Cycle Assessment of roadside grass verges in Flanders
Grassification project – Anaerobic co-digestion of grass clippings. Decentralized biogas production
Grassification – D1.2.1 Development of a general outline for a joint public procurement process
Grassification – Use of biocomposites of biopolymers and roadside clippings for prototype products (e.g. landscape infrastructure)
Grassification – D 1.4.1. Co-digestion of roadside grass with VeDoWS manure and pig slurry
Grassification – Brochure
Grassification – Assessment of the potential of protein extraction and protein production (insects and microalgae) from the liquid fraction
Grassification – Support development new type mowing head aimed at minimising dirt content via a co-creation strategy
Grassification – D2.4.1 Production fibre pellets from roadside clippings as half-finished product for biocomposite production
Grassification – D1.1.2 Report: Testing & comparison of performance new type of mowing head against existing mowing heads


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