19 08 2021

Webinar: The NUTRIMAN project & use of biofertilizers – Projekt NUTRIMAN i wykorzystanie bionawozów

The project partner IUNG, is organising a webinar for Polish farmers to explain the NUTRIMAN project against the backdrop of the current European fertilisation and recycling situation.

The new European regulation and research and development projects will be explained with a focus on the NUTRIMAN project. In addition, examples of products and technologies of nitrogen and phosphorus recovery chains that will be available on the market in the coming years will be presented during the workshop. The results of some demonstration tests carried out with biofertilizers will also be explained. We hope that thanks to the NUTRIMAN project, farmers will benefit from these more innovative, competitive and commercially “ready-to-use” scientific results.


For more information: http://www.iung.pl/2021/06/30/projekt-nutriman-i-wykorzystanie-bionawozow


For more project events: https://nutriman.net/events