22 06 2021

Water2REturn enters its last year!

Water2REturn has entered its last year!

Due to the current situation with COVID-19, works at Water2REturn site have been slowed down for some months during 2020, thus the project has been granted with an extension of 15 months to properly complete all project activities. We would like to share with you the main activities that will take place during this year:

The Water2REturn demonstration site is located at Matadero del Sur, a slaughterhouse located in Seville (Spain). It will be possible to visit the site in the following months, when we expect to receive different stakeholders as farmers and authorities, as well as students. The aim will be showing how W2R system works, that can be summarised as follows:


To know more about the WaterREturn technologies, you can visit the W2R Youtube channel, where you can find a video showing the system installed at Matadero del Sur.


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