19 03 2021

WATER PROJECTS EUROPE: Water in the Circular Economy Policy development

Run4Life and other H2020 projects participate on March 26th in “WATER PROJECTS EUROPE: Water in the Circular Economy Policy development”. The event, part of the Water Knowledge Europe Spring Edition (22-26 March), is organised by Water Europe in cooperation with EASME and the NextGen project. It brings together water experts and policy makers to discuss the governance challenges in the transition towards circular water solutions, and different regulations such as the Urban Waste Water Treatment Directive, Sewage Sludge Directive, Industrial Emissions Directive and the Fertiliser Regulation.

Annika Nordin of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences will present on behalf of Run4Life, addressing fertiliser regulations and the nutrient recovery from wastewater and food waste at the project demo-site in Helsingborg. At the site, nutrients are recovered from the concentrated toilet wastewater and food waste of the newly developed Oceanhamnen district. Resource recovery takes place at the specially built RecoLab that also features a testbed and showroom for the development of local cycles of nutrients, water and energy.

The other participating H2020-projects are Water2Return (https://water2return.eu), NextGen (https://nextgenwater.eu), Hydrousa (https://www.hydrousa.org), ULTIMATE (https://ultimatewater.eu) and Project Ô (http://eu-project-o.eu tbc). The full agenda can be found on https://wke2021-springedition.b2match.io/agenda

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