25 01 2022

Use of the microalgal biomass produced using AD waste for the fish feed trials

The ALG-AD consortium completed the capitalisation WP work focused on the ‘Microalgae grown on digestate as a fish feed’.

The objective of these trials was to explore alternatives to fish meal and oil in commercial fish feeds, as there is increasing demand for sustainable aquaculture in North-West Europe, and these fish by-products are often sourced by the exploitation of natural stocks.

The feeds produced by the ALG-AD team utilised microalgae to replace part of the fish meal, and therefore could contribute to a reduction in demand on fish by-products, however results continue to be analysed to understand whether this would be a feasible option for fish feed producers and other aquaculture stakeholders.

In order to demonstrate the results of these trials to the wider audience an online webinar was organised by the ALG-AD team, where two fish feeding trials in the UK and France were presented by Fleuriane Fernandes and Dr Philippe Soudant.

The recording of this webinar is available