19 08 2021

Urban Circular Bioeconomy Webinar Series

SCALIBUR has teamed up with its sister projects HOOP, VALUEWASTE, and WaysTUP! to organise a six-part Urban Circular Bioeconomy Webinar Series.

As the EU Bioeconomy Strategy sees cities becoming major circular bioeconomy hubs, it is essential to explore the current state of the art in Europe along the value chain and to discuss business and policy issues.

To cover all those concerns regarding the development of urban bioeconomies across Europe, our webinar series proposes to bring together 25 speakers from various background. With this wide representation of stakeholders, we hope to give a good overview of the current state of the art in Europe, showing the best practices as well as the remaining hurdles.

To start with, the first session focuses on the selective collection of urban biowaste and the importance of accumulating a high-quality organic fraction. In the second webinar, the speakers share strategies for engaging stakeholders and changing behaviour. Then the third webinar highlights some of the most promising technologies to valorise urban biowaste and wastewater into added-value products. In the fourth webinar, successful circular economy business models for urban circular bioeconomy are presented, showing the benefits of circularity. Then during our fifth webinar, experts discussed the most pressing issues regarding safety and acceptance of biowaste derived products. And finally, our 6th and last session on policy influence tackles the regulatory issues that hamper the deployment of innovative solutions, slowing the uptake of urban bioeconomy.

Watch recorded sessions online here.