20 06 2018

Towards End-of-Manure status to refined products

On May 30, Biorefine Cluster Europe (BCE) together with its member projects AGROCYCLE and SYSTEMIC organized a policy event with, and, for the European Commission (Directorate General on Environment) to assist one of their internal assessment process called SAFEMANURE.

The aim of the workshop was to define the conditions that are required for animal manure to leave its legal waste / manure status. Many BCE projects joined the debate (PHOS4YOU, RENU2FARM, NUTRI2CYCLE, NUTRIMAN,…) as well as representatives of national / regional ministries from all corners of Europe.  The European projects that are dealing with manure valorisation, with particular interest for substitution of fossil resource based mineral fertilizers, want to support this assessment to maximize the potential value of the 1,8 billion tons of manure that are annually produced in Europe.  Here, you can download the full policy brief resulting from the workshop.

Workshop conclusions & key messages