20 06 2018

To the moon and back – EU mission statement on nutrient recycling

On May 30, the Biorefine Cluster Europe (BCE) hosted for a workshop organized by the European Commission (Directorate General on Research & Innovation) to explore the potential of defining Nutrient Recycling as a research mission for the upcoming Framework Programme 9 (FP9-Horizon Europe) that is to follow up the current H2020 programme. […]

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The Commission intends to develop the new programme by following a mission-oriented approach, as proposed by the Mazzucato report, and will set larger societal targets over a longer time horizon, much like the “mission to the moon”.

The aim of this workshop was to put “Nutrient recycling” high on the agenda as a research topic and to gather support from the nutrient recycling community in this regard. In the upcoming period, the Biorefine Cluster Europe and its partners will draft a Memorandum of Understanding in which the scope of a potential research mission under FP9 will be outlined. At the end of this year, the BCE will be hosting an event in Brussels in which all potential stakeholders will be able to contribute, so stay tuned! The intent of our mission development is to be both inclusive and expansive, meaning that you all are free to join.