25 03 2021

This year, the NWE Interreg Project RENU2FARM will be presented at Les Culturales!

Les Culturales is the place to be for French and international professionals of the arable crop sector. This biennial international event will take place this year from 15 to 17 June, in Betheny in the Champagne area of France. 15.000 visitors from France and all over Europe are expected for this major open field event with the application of reinforced sanitary measures such as the implementation of a threshold of 5,000 people per day.

Over 20 hectares, technical workshops, animations and plant showcases in the field will show all kinds of innovations in line with the interests of producers:

  • Production for methanization
  • Use of smart farming and digital tools
  • Adaptation of best practices to enhance production
  • Improvement of the soil fertility
  • Low input crop protection
  • Organic agriculture production

Arvalis, French partner involved in Interreg-NWE ReNu2Farm, shall take this event as an opportunity to transfer knowledge resulting from the project. Specific dissemination activities oriented towards farmers and recycling-derived fertilizers producers shall be organized. Stay tuned!

Further information are available here.