15 12 2021

The Run4Life project final events

At the end of November, after 4.5 well-spent years, the Run4Life project came to an end. The 15 partners of the consortium led by project coordinator Aqualia, have been working on the recovery of fertiliser products from source-separated wastewater systems. […]

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The final days of the project were all about celebrating successes and sharing the lessons learned with others. The project’s final General Assembly (GA) meeting took place on November 24th as a hybrid meeting in the RecoLab in Helsingborg and online. Different municipalities and other stakeholders interested in source-separated wastewater management and resource recovery came to Helsingborg on November 25th for the final project workshop, focussed on aiding the replication of circular source-separation concepts in other cities. On November 30th the third and last Run4Life Innovation Workshop was hosted by project partner ISLE.


Replication workshop, 25 Nov. 2021

The day after the final GA, project partner NSVA hosted the final project event, a Replication Workshop for municipalities and other stakeholders was held on-site at the RecoLab. It was combined with an online satellite event hosted by project partner LeAF, enabling participants to watch a livestream of the event. Over 60 people from different countries in Europe participated in the workshop, to learn and discuss about replication of source separated wastewater systems and the resource recovery approach of Run4Life. First the managers of the four project demonstration sites briefly presented their main facts and experiences, as well as a representative of the Jenfelder Au site in Hamburg, Germany. Moderator Mats Johansson of Ecoloop actively involved the participants in expressing their thoughts about the different applied concepts. The second part of the workshop consisted of a moderated panel debate, during which the five demo-site representatives answered questions about the challenges and opportunities related to building and operating their demo-sites, focusing on financial and regulatory aspects. The end of the panel debate focused on aspects that are important in replication of the concepts in other cities and engaged the workshop participants to share their own developments in setting up a circular sanitation project. A guided tour of the RecoLab was part of the programme.


Final Innovation Workshop, 30 Nov. 2021

Project partner ISLE, leader of the exploitation and commercialisation activities, organised the 3rd and final Run4Life Innovation Workshop. It was focused on the business cases and models developed by each of the demo sites. Participating end-users received direct information about technologies and their practical implementation, and were invited to provide feedback on the innovations of Run4Life. This exchange can aid the future development of the Run4Life solutions and smooth the journey to commercialisation. This Innovation Workshop also included a Masterclass by an expert from the water and environmental sector who provided the Run4Life partners a good perspective and understanding of what funding and investment opportunities might be interesting for them now the project has finished.


Interested in what Run4life is about and has achieved? Please visit the project website (https://run4life-project.eu). On the website you can find information about the project activities, demonstration sites, used technologies and recovered fertilisers. Public project deliverables, scientific papers, other documents, videos and event presentations are available. The site will remain online for at least another 2 years. Information will be updated when needed and newly approved public deliverables and papers will be added to the collection.