25 09 2019

The 5th European Conference on Sludge Management, ECSM’2019

The 5th European Conference on Sludge Management, ECSM’2019, takes place in Liege, Belgium, from 6th to 8th of October 2019.

It is organized by the University of Liege, with the support of the INTERREG NWE project Phos4You. The main scope of the conference is to provide a scientific program of cutting-edge research in wastewater sludge management.   

The conference brings together international experts of sludge management, scientists, researchers and engineers, R&D laboratories, water agencies, governmental delegates, and private companies to discuss the problems, solutions, and innovative technologies and systems for the sludge management of water and wastewater treatment field.

You will listen to internationally distinguished speakers working in this field and designing the technical sessions with the motivation to make the conference beneficial, and professionally inspiring. Following the conference, the Phos4You partnership meets on 9th and 10th October 2019 concerning the working group’s tasks.

Read more: https://events.uliege.be/ecsm2019/conference-info/

Back to back with the conference the ESPP workshop “Wastewater phosphorus removal tomorrow: ambitions and reality” takes place on 9th October 2019. The event is dedicated to discuss achieving low discharge consents, flexible permitting and phosphorus removal from small sewage works. The workshop is organised in partnership/supported by: IWA, Eureau, ECSM, Université de Liège.

Read more: https://phosphorusplatform.eu/activities/conference/meeting-archive/1849-p-removal-workshop-2019