19 12 2018

Take part in the ReNu2Farm survey and contribute to a circular economy!

Are you a farmer, contract worker or farm advisor in Northwest Europe? Or do you know anyone of these target groups? If yes, you are invited to support us to take a step towards circular economy by participating in our survey or forwarding the invitation. We want to understand the attitude of the farming sector towards recycling derived fertilisers better. This will be a major step to target barriers for use of recycled nutrients which need to be abolished.

European society is aware of the fact that more material needs to be re-used within the EU, in particular when it comes to non-renewable Phosphorous rock, a resource that we base our food production on. European politicians discuss for years about how the fertiliser laws need to be revised to make it easier for farmers to apply recovered nutrients. We want to support this process by asking bottom-up at the end-user side: why do you not use recycling-derived fertilisers or if you do use them already, what needs to be improved, so that you use more?

Some facts on the survey:

15 Min online survey, available in different languages (Dutch/ Flemish, English, French, German)






Target group: from Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, United Kingdom

  •       farmers (independent of whether currently using recycling-derived fertilisers or not), also farmers who run a biogas installation or manure treatment installation
  •       contract workers who are implied in fertiliser and manure application on fields
  •       agricultural advisors who advise farmers on fertilisation issues

Partners involved in the design of this questionnaire and who will treat the data: Arvalis (France), CIT (Ireland), NMI (Netherlands), Inagro (Belgium) and IZES (Germany).

The results will be collected anonymously and also published anonymously in reports available on the project website: nweurope.eu/renu2farm.

More info on the ReNu2Farm project within the Biorefine Cluster Europe can be found here: https://www.biorefine.eu/projects/renu2farm