19 08 2021

SCALIBUR engages more actively in policy uptake

Together with the H2020 EU-funded projects HOOP, VALUEWASTE, and WaysTUP!, SCALIBUR published a position paper promoting regulatory measures for the European circular bioeconomy. […]

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Driven by the common ambition to develop innovative solutions to transform urban biowaste and wastewater into new added-value products, the four projects have always been working in close collaboration. Naturally facing similar challenges, they recently decided to join forces and engage more actively in policy uptake under the ROOTS initiative – circulaR pOlicies for changing the biOwasTe System.

The objective of this joint initiative is to boost acceptance of innovative solutions for the European circular bioeconomy and bring down regulatory barriers that hinder the uptake of a true Circular Economy with regards to biowaste valorisation.

The result of the work so far is a common position paper with specific recommendations on four key topics that should be addressed – recycling targets and treatment plants, waste & by-products, biopesticides and insects for animal feed- to unlock the full potential of circular business models for biowaste valorisation in urban contexts and beyond.

The paper has been developed by experts from the four projects, who have thoughtfully analysed the current policy framework, the EU Bioeconomy Strategy, specific regulations, market barriers as well as the opportunities provided by the new EU Green Deal and the Farm to Fork Strategy.

Read the position paper here