31 03 2022

ReNu2Farm CAP launches a survey for the recreational sector and private users

ReNu2Farm Capitalisation Initiative is widening the scope of the ReNu2Farm project with the aim to stimulate new markets for increased RDF (Recycling-Derived Fertilizer) use and decrease mineral fertiliser usage in North-West Europe. The new focus lies with horticulture sector, which represents the largest RDF sales market after agriculture, and the private/recreational sectors.

The ReNu2Farm CAP consortium developed a survey for the recreational sector and the private users to better understand the knowledge gaps that are hampering the RDFs market uptake and increase public acceptance of RDFs.

Are you working in the recreational sector? or do you know people from the sector?

Support us and participate in our survey, or forward it to people that could be interested, to help us investigating the existing barriers for use of recycled nutrients and identifying the needs of the targeted sectors.

The survey is available in 5 different languages:






ReNu2Farm CAP is targeting the following countries:

Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Luxembourg and United Kingdom.

All responses to the survey will be treated in the strictest confidence and information will not be reported or published in such a way that individual respondents can be identified.