19 08 2021

ReNu2Farm at Les Culturales

On June 15, 16 and 17, the Culturales® were held in Betheny, France.

Organized every two years by ARVALIS, this open-field event is aimed at arable crop farmers looking for innovations for the performance of their farm. Extending over 20ha, the event consists of a technical part where 45 technical workshops made it possible for Arvalis experts to present their latest projects and answer visitors’ questions; and of an exhibitor section where more than 300 exhibitors could present their latest innovations. This year, around 10 000 visitors came at the Culturales®.

What better opportunity to talk about fertilization and recycling-derived fertilisers? Hélène Lagrange, an Arvalis fertilization expert, was there to answer questions on the ReNu2Farm project as well as on good practices for using these fertilizers, their performance and their carbon footprint.