25 01 2022

Regulatory aspect of the ALG-AD outputs

In the context of the circular bioeconomy one of the main objectives of the ALG-AD project is to remediate AD digestate waste by algal cultivation and create feed from produced algal biomass for animal and fish nutrition. The regulatory aspects were covered in reports outputs of ALG-AD project.

These reports were written by NNFCC, a leading bio economy consultancy, to clarify where current regulatory barriers exist in relation to the ALG-AD project work, where we are using the digestate from AD to cultivate microalgae.

“Regulation and policy have always been known risks for ALG-AD, and long-term rollout is dependent on us being able to provide clear advice to stakeholders, and input on changes needed to policy makers.” said project manager, Louise Hall. “The fact we are starting to demystify the many tiers of legislation associated with AD, algae production and animal feed is of great significance to the project, and will be exceptionally important to the project team, and wider AD community.

A regulatory review on the use of digestate to cultivate algal biomass for animal feed https://www.researchgate.net/project/ALG-AD-3/update/61d7000ab3729f0f619f63f9

Policy recommendations for the commercialisation of ALG-AD technology