22 06 2021

Pro-Enrich: Tomatoes and citrus side stream

Pro-Enrich is developing novel functional proteins and bioactive ingredients from tomato pulp and juice.

Anecoop – The Mediterranean’s leading fruit and vegetable producer- has supplied whole fruit to the project, and BU has developed a method for separating the seeds from the pulp and juice, and later on, Natac has analysed and biorefined at lab scale carotenoids and polyphenols (known for their antioxidant properties). The components will be tested for cosmetic applications by Natac.

Finally, Anecoop and Natac have also been active in valorisation of the citrus side stream. Natac has identified polyphenols of interests in citrus peels provided by Anecoop, in addition the fibres has indicated to have commercial interest applications have not been tested yet, but main market potential cover nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.