22 06 2021

Pro-Enrich: Olive side stream

Pro-Enrich is working in the biorefining process of olive side stream. […]

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Thus far, DTI and BU are testing different pre-treatment and extraction methodologies to extract phenolic compounds as well as dietary fibres from olive pomace and olive mill wastewater. The products are identified by InnoRenew CoE (Slovenia) – independent research institute focused on  renewable materials and sustainable buildings and tested and evaluated for industrial purposes by Natac (Spain) -developer and producer of innovative and distinctive natural extracts-.

Raw materials for the olive side stream come from two olive Mills in Europe: Franka Marzi mill (Slovenia) and Jaencoop (Spain), a leader company in olive oil production and commercialisation. Proximately, CHIMAR (Greece) will evaluate the compounds for wood-based composite adhesives (common in wooden pallets, for example) and Natac for cosmetic applications like skin care or conditioning.