11 12 2017

Pilots4You Survey: Needs of the European bioeconomy sector regarding pilot and demonstration facilities

Have you brought, or are you looking to bring a bio-based, biorefinery or biotechnology innovation process towards commercialisation? We need your input to improve equipment and service provision in this important area.

We are seeking your help in participating in a short survey designed to gather information about the type of equipment and services that organisations like yours require, or are looking for, when bringing an innovative process towards commercialisation.

We are separately compiling a database on pilot-scale equipment hosted at open access facilities across the EU that will be used to identifying any gaps in provision in different technology sectors and regions, where additional investment could help, either in equipment or allied innovation support services. Note that pharmaceutical fermentation is considered out of scope as there is thought to be sufficient private provision in this sector.

Survey responses will be completely anonymised and only if you provide contact details will you be contacted in case of any follow-up questions.

The summarised, anonymised results of the survey will be made available via this website anticipated from June 2018.

In addition to completing the survey, we would be grateful if you could help us reach additional respondents by forwarding this survey to other organisations that you think may have an interest.

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