10 11 2017

PHOS4YOU successfully launched by organizing the first European Nutrient Event

The project will test and introduce 6 industrial demonstration pilots at municipial wastewater treatment facilities in North-West Europe with the objective of recovering phosphorus as critical raw material (CRM) from wastewater.

The recovered phosphorus will be evaluated either for supplying to fertiliser industry for further processing or directly to farmers (case specific for each of the investigated cases). The event attracted a broad interest from across Europe. Other partners involved in hosting and supporting the event were DPP, ESPP and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of North-Western Switzerland.

The INTERREG-NWE PHOS4YOU project was succesfully launched by organizing a European conference in Basel (October 18-20 2017).

The European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform ESPP organized jointly with the Phos4You project, the Swiss partner School of Life Science FHNW, the German Phosphorus Platform DPP and BaselArea.swiss the European Nutrient event from 18th – 20th October 2017 in Basel, Switzerland. With that the official launch of the Phos4You project took place.

The three day event included:

  • The knowledge exchange on Phosphorus recycling legislation and implementation in Switzerland and Germany;
  • A networking event of leading nutrient Recycling R&D projects across Europe including a fair for Phosphorus recovery technology suppliers;
  • A Phos4You Project Meeting for project and associated partners.

Switzerland was the first country in the world to make Phosphorus recycling obligatory from Phosphorous-rich waste such as sewage sludge and animal and bone meal. Germany and Austria are also preparing appropriate legislation. Innovative new methods have made it possible to recover a large proportion of the phosphorus contained in sewage sludge and sewage sludge ash.

The European Nutrient Event therefore dealt with the topic of Phosphorus recovery and recycling. On day one, the Swiss Phosphorus Network along with stakeholders from the German-speaking countries discussed the changes taking place in sewage sludge recycling, with particular focus on the recycling of Phosphorus. The German Phosphorus Platform DPP supported the event intensely. They provided an overview of developments, discoveries, challenges and new opportunities.

On day two, the European Sustainable Phosphorus Platform jointly with the Phos4You Project invited representatives from a large number of current European R&D projects to discuss common implementation issues. Speakers from EU and even beyond gave their presentations on latest findings. Technology providers showcased their processes in the adjacent Exhibition.

A summary of the event’s results

Presentations and more info