22 06 2021

Phos4You: PULSE demonstrator running at wastewater treatment plant in Belgium

Currently, an innovative P-recovery process is being demonstrated by the University of Liège at the AIDE wastewater treatment plant in Oupeye: The PULSE demonstrator (Phosphorus ULiège Sludge Extraction) enables phosphorus to be recovered from dried sludge directly after wastewater treatment.

From 80 kg of dewatered and dried sludge, the PULSE demonstrator ultimately recovers about 14 kg of phosphorus-rich product that is free of heavy metals and can be safely recycled as fertiliser in agriculture. A specific feature of the PULSE process is the possibility to remove different impurities from the sludge. Correspondingly, the process can be optimized to remove the specific impurities present in the sewage sludge of other locations.

The demonstrator is financially supported by Interreg NWE, the Walloon Region, and the University of Liège.

Read more on the website of the University of Liège: ULiège has developed a demonstrator for recovering phosphorus from our wastewater (uliege.be)
Read more about the project: www.nweurope.eu/phos4you

Copyright picture: University Liège Michel Houet