25 01 2018

New biobased business platform on End-of-Waste

Ghent University is traditionally strong in the domain of Circular Economy for different material groups – in particular in the field of creating value out of organic waste and by-pass flows Ghent University is the worldwide pioneer with a broad range of research groups working in these fields. The topic ‘Resource Recovery’ was recently structured under the umbrella of the Ghent University business unit “End-of-Waste” with the aim of investing in the multidisciplinary commercialisation routes in the domain of by-pass flows in agriculture, agro-industry, food industry, as well as biological waste(water)streams.

Bringing together a multidisciplinary consortium of 32 driven professors and their departments around the processing and recovery of  by-pass flows out of bio-industry will lead to a strong synergetic effect on concept developments and realisations and result in commercialization initiatives at Ghent University. The added value in the field will be maximized. More specifically, the End-of-Waste business unit aims at setting up academic-industrial collaborations in the field of reprocessing organic-biological by-pass flows into valuable chemicals, energy, materials and products which can be re-used in a range of sectors.

The End-of-Waste Business Development unit is also opening a position for a business developer.
The new platform will work in synergy with the BioRefine Cluster Europe, which is a development oriented cluster of European and national projects dedicated to renewable resources and resource recovery from biobased wastestreams.