25 01 2022

Microalgal cultivation aspects development within circular bioeconomy

Implementation of circular approaches in industry, by minimising waste and optimising reuse of resources, is of critical environmental importance. Microalgal cultures are particularly adapt at waste remediation and are also incredibly versatile in how they can be processed and applied.

The ALG-AD Research consortium published several peer review publications.

The articles explain in more detail how the ALG-AD team have demonstrated the ability of microalgae to remediate organic waste at an industrial scale.

First publication was focused on the digestate characterisation. Prior the cultivation process AD digestate was pre-treated by different methods of filtration sedimentation and others. These methods helped valorise the digestate as a nutrient source. The results of this activity were published by Fleuriane Fernandes and colleagues (Swansea University, UK)


The second project publication was on the cultivation of algae using AD nutrient digested media were explored in order to maximise nutrients uptake and biomass production, an innovative technique using two stages of cultivation approach with auto- and mixotrophic algal production was used and published by Dr Claudio Fuentes Grunewald and colleagues, (Swansea University, UK):


Another aspect of cultivation for maximum nutrient remediation was explored and recently published by Jai Sankar Seelam and colleagues, from UGent (Belgium):