26 01 2021

Latest news from Run4Life

Run4Life is an EU project focused on recovering fertilisers from source-separated domestic wastewaters and kitchen waste. A consortium of technology provides, end users, universities, public utilities and social sciences experts work together to innovate and apply technologies at four full scale demonstration sites in Europe: Nieuwe Dokken in Ghent (BE), Oceanhamnen in Helsingborg (SE), Lemmerweg in Sneek (NL) and Porto do Molle in Vigo (ES). The consortium works on technology and product development and on the integration and success of the new concepts in society through for instance social and market acceptance. At the sites different combinations of technologies and products are demonstrated.

Recently, the efforts of the consortium resulted in scientific publications. For instance Wageningen University and Research published an article on pathogen removal during (hyper-)thermophilic anaerobic digestion for safe nutrient recovery. It was shown that with both thermophilic (55°C) and hyperthermophilic (70°C) anaerobic treatment pathogen indicators could be removed and that the removal rate is significantly higher than in mesophilic treatment (35°C).

The University of Santiago de Compostela published an article on the acceptance of decentralized wastewater systems in regions without water problems. It was seen that a lack of awareness of water issues was critical for acceptance of decentralized wastewater systems and that focusing on other aspects, such as environmental sustainability is key.

At demonstration site Oceanhamnen, in Helsingborg, the wastewater treatment plant is combined with a development facility, test bed and showroom. Fertiliser products are recovered from toilet water, and food waste. The facility is called the RecoLab and the construction has just been finished (see picture). Visit their website recolab.se for more information and a look inside. In May 2021 the facility will be officially opened.

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