31 05 2023

Key Lex4Bio Outputs – e-booklet

LEX4BIO project e-booklet features two scientific papers produced in result of soil scientists research within LEX4BIO. Nutrient sources are unevenly distributed across the EU and often underutilized in agriculture

Nitrogen and P fertilizer production relies on non-renewable resources while phosphorus is in fact considered a critical raw material, mostly imported in Europe. Nutrient-rich side streams (NRSS) constitute a significant source of nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P) in Europe and several processing technologies are used for producing BBFs from NRSS, with increased nutrient concentration for improving transportability to regions in demand for these nutrients. Improved use of such BBFs by farmers, as well as acceptance at large, requires knowledge about their agronomic efficiency and potential risks related to their use in various climatic and soil conditions across Europe. LEX4BIO evaluated the potential of BBFs to replace mineral P fertilizers at the EU level by utilizing existing soil P data and fertilization trials. This study showed that majority of crop P demand can be covered with BBFs. Unlike with P, gaseous N losses from fertilizers contribute both to economic losses and environmental deterioration. However, with proper placement methods, ammonia volatilization can be greatly reduced. The studies showed that BBFs have a great potential to replace mineral fertilizers and improve Europe´s self-sufficiency in food production.

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