27 04 2022

Irish biotechnology company GlasPort Bio has had recent successes in both awards and research funding!

Irish Times Innovation Award – Sustainability category winner: GlasPort Bio’s innovative technology, GasAbate, which tackles agricultural emissions at source, was awarded the prestigious Irish Times Innovation Award for Sustainability in March 2022.

The company targets methane emissions both from animal manure and from the animals themselves. “The reason why we focus on methane is that it is 30 times more potent than CO2 as a greenhouse gas,” Dr. Ruairi Friel, CEO of GlasPort Bio explains. “It only persists in the atmosphere for 12 years or so. That means we can have real near-term impact on overall levels by addressing it now.”

GasAbate has been trialled successfully on a dairy farm and a pig firm and the company hopes to launch the product onto the market later this year or early in 2023.




GEBTech Plus project awarding

GlasPort Bio is thrilled to have recently received Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) funding under their Research Development & Demonstration (RD&D) funding scheme 2021. This funding award of €635,000 for 36 month targeted research will allow GlasPort Bio, together with partners NUI, Galway and Ashleigh Farms to develop the use of GasAbate for pig manure at large-scale.