19 11 2021

Final workshops of the Run4Life project

On November 30th, after 4.5 well-spent years, the Run4Life project comes to an end. The 15 partners of the Run4Life consortium have been working the recovery of fertiliser products from source-separated wastewater systems, demonstrating this concept in four cities in Europe. During this last month everyone is busy finalising project reports, and also several events take place. The project’s final General Assembly meeting takes place on November 24-25th in the RecoLab in Helsingborg and online. Different municipalities and other stakeholders will gather on November 25th for a workshop on replication of the Run4Life concept to other cities, and November 30th closes with the third Innovation Workshop.

Replication workshop, 25 Nov. 2021

Different stakeholders have been invited to this workshop, where they will actively engage with the project’s demo-site managers and among themselves, exploring the opportunities of replicating Run4Life concepts in other cities. The live event in Helsingborg is fully booked, which highlights the interest in source-separated sanitation. A livestream of the event will be available online, hosted by project partner LeAF BV. If you wish to join online, please register by sending an email to Lennert.vanhaalen@wur.nl.

Final Innovation Workshop, 30 Nov. 2021

Project partner ISLE, leader of the exploitation and commercialisation activities, is organising the 3rd Run4Life Innovation Workshop. It will take place online on Tuesday the 30th of November and will be the last Innovation Workshop organised in the project. The aim of these workshops is to connect project partners directly with potential end-users of the Run4Life solutions and concept. This time the focus will be the business cases and models of the different demo-sites. Participating end-users receive direct information about technologies and their practical implementation, and are invited to provide feedback on the innovations. This will aid the future development of the Run4Life solutions and smooth the journey to commercialisation.


Interested in what Run4life is about and has achieved? Please visit the project website (https://run4life-project.eu). On the website you can find information about the project activities, demonstration sites, used technologies and recovered fertilisers. Public project deliverables, scientific papers, other documents, videos and event presentations are available. The site will remain online for at least another 2 years. Information will be updated as needed and newly approved public deliverables and papers will be added to the collection.


Recolab in Helsingborg, where the final GA and replication workshop will be held