15 12 2021

FERTIMANURE on-farm pilots are on-site and operating

One of the key outputs of the FERTIMANURE project are the 5 on-farm pilots that will treat and valorise livestock waste to selectively recover nutrients and obtain bio-based fertilisers.

FERTIMANURE on-farm pilots have been constructed and implemented, having started their operation during the first half of 2021. These pilots are located in 5 EU countries with high livestock densities: (1) Spain – Granja Cal Ros, located in the town of Muntanyola; (2) France – The mobile French pilot will be tested in different farms located in the Grand Est and Brittany regions; (3) Germany – Fraunhofer UMSICHT facilities located in the town of Sulzbach-Rosenberg; (4) Belgium – Ivaco farm located in the city of Gistel; (5) The Netherlands – Arjan Prinsen Farm located in the city of Haarlo.

The FERTIMANURE on-farm pilots are producing a total of 19 different bio-based fertilisers including mineral fertilisers, such as ammonium sulphate, phosphoric acid, liquid K-fertiliser, organic amendments and also biostimulants. These bio-based fertiliser products will be tested and evaluated to know their agronomic performance and will also be further used to produce high-added value tailor-made fertilisers.

You can find more information about the schemes of the 5 FERTIMANURE on-farm pilots in our website: https://www.fertimanure.eu/en/the-project-s-response